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Garage Floor Epoxy

Scottsdale, AZ (and surrounding areas)

Our high-grade garage epoxy coatings are gorgeous and durable. We utilize only the highest quality, industrial strength paint and seal. We are backed by our craftsman guarantee and use cutting-edge techniques to ensure quality and efficiency. We offer no flake, partial flake, full flake, and metallic coatings. The most durable, balanced coverage, slip-free, and dirt-free of them all is full flake!

how it works

Each customer’s needs and desires are different, therefore the process can vary. We always encourage our customers to choose what is most durable and what most correlates with their overall goals.

If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your garage flooring, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation consultation on your property at your earliest convenience. Please contact us at 602-867-0867 to schedule today!



We provide a slip-resistant solution for customers who are concerned about slipping.

We recommend a top seal every 10 years.

Simply mop with warm, soapy water.

As long as your garage epoxy floor is properly take care of, it will last a lifetime.

Installation is a 2-3 day process. We take one day to prep, one day to add garage epoxy paint & flake, and one day to sand and add an extra-protective sealer for additional durability.

Choose from a variety of garage epoxy paint colors and flake colors. We offer no flake (solid color layer), partial flake, full flake, and metallic coatings.

Wait 24 hours to completely close your garage door. For safety reasons, we suggest leaving a very small gap between your new floor and garage door and we recommend locking the door that leads from your garage to the inside of your home.

We typically install metallic garage epoxy coatings to interior game room floors, restaurant floors, bars, garage entertainment areas, and garage showrooms.

It is really a matter of personal preference. Many people want to keep it simple with solid paint while others prefer the durability of the full flake. More than anything else, however, it is the look that people are going for.

We service Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Sun City, Tempe, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Peoria, and the surrounding cities.

Zip Codes we service are:  Phoenix  85003 85004 85006 85007 85008 85009 Mesa 85201 85202 85203 85204 85205 85206 Scottsdale 85250 85251 85254 85255 85256 85257 Glendale 85301 85302 85303 85304 85305 85306 Chandler 85224 85225 85226 85248 85249 Gilbert 85233 85234 85295 85296 85297 Peoria 85345 85381

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