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Concrete Microtopping
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Tons of options

Microtpping applications are smooth, durable, and clean up all concrete imperfections! This is an application that can be coated to interior businesses and residences or outdoor walkways, patios, and more!

Remove your old floors

We work with new builds and aged buildings. Don’t worry! We will gladly tear out your old floors and install a beautiful new floor that you will love!

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Improve your home

We will remove existing tile and carpet, prep the surface, and install a pigmented microtopping application. Choose your color and choose your sheen (gloss or satin)!


Frequently asked & questions

It is a process used to smooth out concrete surfaces. Rather than remove and pour a new concrete slab, microtopping includes laying a thin layer of concrete that provides for a balanced, even coating that can be painted and sealed.

Mop as you normally would any floor.

We do. However, we cannot guarantee the crack will not return. We do help remove the viability of the crack which dramatically improves the appearance of your floor!

It is a matter of personal preference, but most of our microtopping customers are interested in something different than what their neighbors have. Moreover, they are sick of carpet or sick of tile and are attracted to a uniform, polished look. Others choose to improve the look of their outside stained, chipped concrete and prefer a cleaner concrete look.

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